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Some Questions Answered

I treat the repair on your car as if I was repairing my own. I actually really enjoy doing what I do! It’s fun to me!

The other major reason to have me repair your car is that I do major repairs within the day, around your school run or shopping schedule – no problem. 

The only limiting factor which would prevent your car from being repaired on a mobile basis is the impact being so severe, that it is likely to have suffered structural damage. A good rule of thumb is that if it was a low speed accident, the kind of damage incurred in a parking shunt or a low speed collision, then I can fix it. Even if a panel or bumper is split or torn, then I will be able to repair it.

Why not take a look at a couple of examples of previous repairs, send over a set of photos or get me to come take a look in person?

Every repair is unique, so it’s best to get in touch and I will come and give you a guaranteed fixed price quotation, very often the same day as your enquiry. My golden rule is that repairs will always seek to offer better value than using your insurer and minor bodywork repairs will typically be less than your insurance excess.

Almost all of the repairs that I work on, even severely damaged cracked and split panels can be repaired in either a morning or afternoon slot. I’ll work around your schedule, so if you need the car to be available for the school run, that’s not a problem.

Many of my customers are astonished at how quickly I can complete high quality repairs, guaranteed for as long as you own the car, with no quibbles!

I’ll need space to work around the car, but most repairs can be completed at the roadside.

With modern paints and mixing systems matching the paint shade is very straighforward. I can match faded paints and have done many jobs on classic cars to a perfect tone.

I pride myself on seeking to offer better value repairs than can be obtained through your insurer. Previous customers have often found that by the time they have paid their insurance excess, dealt with an outsourced repair network, gone through multiple quotes and had the vehicle taken away for days at a time – it is normally faster, less stressful and more cost effective to deal direct.

Most insurers will ask you to report accidents and incidents even when you are not intending to claim, so check your policy documents to be sure. This is because from an insurer’s perspective, someone that is involved in an accident of any type is statistically more likely to claim in the future. This is why even in no fault claims and with your no claims discount still the same

Browse my Five Star reviews from my highly satisfied customers.

You can be sure you will receive the same premium service from The Dentinator. Nothing speaks louder than images so please take a look at a selection of repairs I have undertaken.

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