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Take a look at a selection of top quality and professional car scratch and dent repairs. Available throughout North London and all within the customers excess. Repair guaranteed for as long as you own the car. Check out my five-star rated car dent and scratch repairs. Call me now 07792 002 061

A Skoda Fabia today with the most common type of damage I undertake. 

The repair took about an hour at the customers’ house with a perfect match to the luminous green. 

This lovely Fiat 500 was scraped against a post leaving a bad dent and severe scratches. 

The repair took 2 hours outside the customer’s house. A very happy customer and satisfying repair.

Yusuf left me a two star review because of the ‘poor finish’ of my repair to his V.W. Golf. This picture was taken by him in different lighting conditions. 

This is my first class repair that Yusuf said was ‘Poor.’ Yusuf’s review downgraded my ranking from a 4.9 to 4.8 with the recommendation that Customers ‘avoid’ my services. If more businesses hit back  against these keyboard Hyenas, this kind of slander might occur less often. 

For those who don’t know Google do not remove reviews when a business says a customer’s review is unfair. We have no choice but to accept it. The restaurant industry has recently started hitting back against customers like Yusuf and the ridiculous cliché that the ‘customer is always right.’

Hyenas sitting behind their keyboards trying to destroy 170 five star reviews and in the process insulting every intelligent member of the public.

This Peugeot had it’s rear door and quarter panel crushed very badly on a steel bollard. The door could not be salvaged due to internal damage so was replaced

You cannot tell either of these panels have been repaired or replaced. The rear panel was repaired using traditional ‘panel beating’


This Volvo was ‘keyed’ across both doors by one of those individuals who thinks that scratching another persons car repairs early life issues and traumas. 

1.5 hours later and the car is back to as new condition, leaving the vandal to try and continue fixing their problems on other cars – ad infinitum.

This Mercedes got a heavy scrape and dent to the wing. The owner was told by a body shop that he would need to be without the car for four days.

1.5 hours later and the dent and scrape are fixed –  re-painted and lacquered. Another delighted customer and a pleasure to repair

This Lovely Audi SQ7 V8 Turbo had some heavy scrapes to the bumper corner and front wing. 

2 hours later and it looks brand new again with a perfect colour match . I really enjoyed fixing this and the owner was delighted. There are a few shadows in the final pic. 

This brand new Audi Q3 got a dent and scrape on a white post

This repair took 1.5 hours with a perfect match to this complex colour. 

This 911 GTS was scuffed while parked in a classic hit-and-and-run. The mind boggles that someone gains some kind of depraved gratification from things like this. But if it was their car…….

Here it is back to new again

As the owner put it, “One of those dreadful posts that pop up from nowhere did this.”

I know what you mean – they’re all over the place. Not to worry though. 

This lovely bright red Tesla was scraped against a wall.

Roughly an hour later it’s back to ‘as new’ condition much to the delight of it’s owner. 

Here we have this lovely Audi Q5. The wing was so badly damaged the only course of action was to replace it. 

This is a perfect example of a major repair being completed on the customers drive in three hours including painting. 

The question here is; Why do garages charge thousands for this type of work? 

From no Teslas to suddenly three in a week!

Much of the damage on this was to the panels behind

Not the best picture because of the shadows but the rear quarter panel and bumper is now perfect. 

This Tesla 3’s scrape was a mystery to the owner who just discovered it looking like this when he was out one day.

This is a tricky little repair because there are three stages to the painting process – a base colour, crystal pearl coat and then lacquer. 

A Toyota Auris with a simple dent

Fixed in under an hour – hard to avoid shadows

This Hyundai was scraped whilst the owner was away from the car

A great result and a perfect colour match put a smile back on the owners face in 1 hour flat!

This tailgate was backed into a skip resulting in a series of complex dents very close to the trim

Reconstructing all those delicate curves was a complex and time consuming task

This Maserati was backed into a skip at low speed resulting in quite a tricky repair job.

This repair was much harder than it looks with the complicated curves to re-build.

A mint green Fiat 500 with a very bad rash and dent. 

…..and one delighted owner

The owner of this BMW came back from shopping to find this mess waiting for him

After an hours work it looks as good as new. 

The rear wheel arch of the Tesla was badly scraped on the owners wall

Here it is is all shiny and new fixed in about 1.5 hours. 

You would think this amount of damage would require a new panel

Easy access was gained with the removal of the headlight and the panel put back to new.

Here we have a Mini Cooper that was crushed against one of those nasty concrete bollards that ‘pop up’ from nowhere. 

The repairs were very extensive, involving repair to the metalwork behind the facing panels and a perfect colour match astonished the delighted owner.

This BMW M4 was scraped by someone turning around in the road much to the annoyance of the owner when he discovered the damage

A tricky little repair getting to the little nooks of the different profiles on the corner

A perfect colour match completed the repair and puts a smile on the customer’s face. Happy days !

This Citroen was quite severely damaged with the rear light being shattered and the bumper cover split in two

A complicated repair to the light mounting and plastic cover made for a really good looking and solid fix. 

Happy days!

Hard to believe this Toyota Aygo’s bumper cover could be repaired to this standard?

This ‘before’ pic is the customers’ as I forgot to take one before starting

This part of some fairly extensive repairs on the car took about an hour to the delight and surprise of the lovely customer. 

Just take a look at the fantastic repair on this Honda CRV.

This is about as mangled and detached as you can get, finished to a beautiful mirror glaze and back to new

I managed to salvage all the trims and repair them rather than suggest to the customer she needed new ones.

A great result in two hours flat!

This lovely 50 year old E-Type Jaguar was accidentally scraped down to the metal on a garage door which created two dents in the metal not really visible in this picture.

These repairs on older cars are often problematic due to multiple previous repairs being found once the repair starts, resulting in incompatibility of modern materials with old ones. 

The outcome of this repair was pretty close to flawless given the issues above. 

The paint match was so close that anyone looking at the car who didn’t know where the repair had been completed, wouldn’t see the repair. 

I slightly ‘distressed’ the repair so that the finish was in keeping with the rest of the cars paintwork. Very satisfying indeed.

I really enjoyed working in the sunshine to fix this VW Polo wing for a lovely customer who was amazed at the outcome.  

I considered replacing the panel but decided to repair it to try and save the customer some money. 

The repair took about two hours.

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