Why paint damage is best left to professionals

Car bodywork repairs to areas where paint has been removed can seem simple to fix at first glance. And while DIY kits exist, mishandling a car scratch repair can often lead to worse damage. Here are 4 reasons why paint damage is best left to the professionals.

Avoiding additional damage

Home-style repair kits can provide you with basic instructions and equipment, but they are rarely adequate. Using the wrong tool or applying incorrect pressure during a minor repair can lead to major problems like damage to your car’s internal structure or a dent becoming more exaggerated.

When an accident occurs, it might seem like light surface damage is all you’ve incurred. However, unseen damage can be located beneath a dent or scratch. A professional repairer has the skills and experience to detect internal damage and can repair scratches without making an issue worse.

Saving money

People often opt for a home repair kit to cut costs, but this can be a false economy. If the kit fails to supply the correct equipment you require because you didn’t understand the damage to your car, you may have to buy another. If due to your inexperience, you can’t fix the scratch or you make it worse, you’ll not only have wasted money on a kit but you’ll still require a professional to carry out the repairs.

The skills, equipment and experience you need

An expert repairer will have seen an extensive range of damaged paintwork during their years of service. As a result, they will have the know-how and skillset required to fix issues quickly and effectively. Even if you have the time to try and repair your paintwork, the cost of specialist equipment and the ability to use it properly must also be considered. Dent pullers, stud welders, dollies and hammers all cost money and need to be handled correctly to get the right results.

All work covered

Finally, when you tackle a scratch yourself, you won’t have a warranty for your repairs. An expert in repairs can guarantee their work, providing you with peace of mind and paperwork

Mobile car scratch repairs at your service

Whether you need a car dent repair or help with scratched bodywork, if you’ve decided to enlist a professional, I can help. As a leading London car dent repair specialist, I can ensure your paintwork problems are resolved with fast and efficient service. Contact David today.

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