Parking places where car paintwork gets damaged

A study conducted by consumer champion Which? found that a third of UK drivers have endured a ding while parked. Damage to stationary vehicles commonly results in chipped or scratched paintwork and car bodywork repairs are necessary.

The Which? research found that drivers were twice as likely to get hit when parked in a supermarket, than in other locations. At weekends parking areas become packed, and car doors from adjacent vehicles can swing out and hit others. Uneven surfaces can also cause shopping trolleys to slide and collide with cars. However, there are many other places to park that can end in damage. Read on to explore parking areas to be mindful of or avoid altogether.

Multi-storey car parking

Using a multi-storey car park presents many dangers to car owners seeking to protect their paintwork. While damage from other drivers is always a risk, limited space can also be an issue. Designed to fit as many cars as possible, these facilities have tight corners to accomplish when accessing upper or lower levels.

Obstacles on site must also be navigated to avoid damage. Concrete support pillars support the levels above, while bollards block access to certain areas. Both objects can cause considerable harm to paintwork, as can backing into other vehicles when trying to avoid them.

Main roads

Whether you are shopping in town, managing the school run or meeting up with friends for a quick coffee, it is sometimes necessary to park on main roads. Other cars travelling past at speed can churn up grit from the road, flinging it at those parked by the curb.

Parking on non-residential roads at night can also put cars at risk of vandalism and other anti-social behaviour.

Under trees

Parking beneath trees presents multiple risks for cars. Loose branches can fall onto the roof and bonnet of cars on windy days, but birds are also problematic. Bird droppings are exceptionally acidic with pH ratings of between 3.5 and 4.5 that can burn right through car paintwork.

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