3 surprising causes of everyday car scratches you probably hadn’t considered

Scratches can appear on your car for a number of reasons. These are usually avoidable but often they’ll come from something you didn’t even expect to be worried about.

Unfortunately, scratches can have a huge impact on your car’s resale value and even lead to far more expensive rust issues in the future if left as they are. It’s always important to see a professional about any scratches on your car to have them repaired. Here at The Dentinator, I am committed to efficient and effective scratch repairs and car bodywork repairs.

I’ve put together a list of some of the more surprising causes of car scratches that might arise.

Bird droppings (of every kind)

While a nuisance, you might not have thought much about the odd bird dropping in the past. After all, it happens. But what you might not have considered is that there is acidity in bird droppings (excrement and in dropped berries, twigs, and dead bugs) which will fuse to and then eat away at your paintwork.

This can be tricky to get off your car without further damaging your paintwork so you should always see a professional about removing bird droppings.

Hands-on car washers

You may well know to avoid automatic car washes which are infamous for causing scratches to appear on paintwork with their huge brushes. However, you might not have considered some more hands-on or older manual car washers can also cause scratches.

Often, it is the coarse brushes used by car washers that are the culprits. These can abrade and damage paintwork, causing minute scratches that may at first go unrecognised. You should always visit car washers that use cloths or soft cleaning products that won’t hurt your paintwork.

Parking near construction sites

This one may seem obvious but it can often go forgotten when hunting for a car parking spot in the city when you’re in a rush. But when you park near a construction site, you’re leaving your car vulnerable to all the debris of the site. This can include everything from dust to nails to splinters that can fire at your car and cause scratches across the paintwork.

When it comes to keeping your car protected from scratches, it can often be the unlikely culprit responsible. Luckily, here at The Dentinator, I am happy to look at any car and provide car scratch repair services before it becomes a greater problem. Get in touch today to learn more about my mobile car scratch repairs.

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