How to avoid scratching your car

If you’ve driven your car for a long time, a little wear and tear is inevitable. Car bodywork repairs and car dent repair services can be a convenient quick fix, but there are a few key steps you can take to reduce the risk of your car sustaining scratches. Let’s take a look:

Park cautiously

While car parks might seem like a perfectly safe space to keep your car, they are actually one of the most common places for cars to be scratched. Avoid parking in any spot where your car might be vulnerable, such as next to vehicles that aren’t lined up properly or in locations where pedestrians will need to walk closely past your car. It’s better to take the time to choose a parking spot in an emptier area of the car park and walk a little further to avoid scratches from passersby, shopping trolleys and adjacent vehicle doors.

Clean your car regularly

Cleaning your car regularly using the right cleaning products can go a long way in keeping your car safe from scratches. While it might seem harmless, grime and dirt can actually be abrasive and can create scratches and nicks that can ruin your car’s shiny finish.

Hand washing your vehicle is a more gentle way of keeping your car clean than driving it into an automatic car wash, but it’s essential to remove any built-up dirt first. Start from the roof and work your way down and never use your hands or a dry cloth to wipe away dirt.

Add car wax

Once you have thoroughly cleaned your car by hand, you could apply high-quality car wax to prevent scratches. This slippery product will smooth the surface of the paint and reduce the friction between your paintwork and any debris, so any debris will slide off the paintwork rather than cause a deep scratch. If you don’t have any wax to hand, you can always request it from your local car wash.

Scratches and dents can occur at any time, and when they do, our car dent and car scratch repair service can help. At The Dentinator, we offer professional London car dent repair and mobile car scratch repairs for customers in the local area. To learn more about our services, don’t hesitate to contact our team today.

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