What to do when your car gets a dent

Do you have a dent in your car? Minor dents happen to everyone and at some point, they will need repairing. There are many ways that your car could get a dent: someone may back into it with their vehicle, you might hit something while driving, or the kids may leave their toys on the driveway only for you to reverse into them when you get home from work. No matter how careful you are, vehicle dent repair is inevitable. But what are the options available to you?

DIY dent repair methods

When it comes to minor dent repairs, there are a few different methods that can be used. There is the “bend and pull” method which involves using your hands or tools to bend the metal back into place and then popping it back out. However, this can leave marks on the car’s paint job if not done carefully enough. Another common way of repairing dents is by filling them with body filler and then sanding them down before painting over them.

If the dent on your car is very small, you can fix it quickly using a bathroom plunger. If it’s a shallow dent, all you need to do is wet the plunger and the dented area, put the plunger over the damage, then slowly pull and push the plunger so that the sunken metal can be pulled out.

When it’s time to call in the professionals

While there are no major implications to not fixing the dents to your car, it could be damaging if you’re selling your car or returning it to the leasing company. You have two options: fix it yourself or get help from a specialist company.

If the damage is more extensive, you’re simply not feeling confident enough to make the repair yourself, or you don’t have the time to source all the materials and tools to do a good job, it’s best to leave it to the professionals.

As a London car dent repair company, here at The Dentinator, we’re more than qualified to assist you with all your car scratches and dents. Don’t hesitate to give David a call on 07792 002061 to arrange an appointment. Alternatively, you can drop us an email at dave@thedentinator.com for further information.

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