Three everyday causes of car dents and scratches

People often think that dents to the bodywork of a car, or scratches to its paintwork, are solely caused by collisions with other vehicles. That leads to the belief that this type of damage can be prevented by careful driving, but unfortunately, it is not that simple.

As any good car dent repair service will tell you, there are lots of everyday things that can cause dents or scratches and, although you can minimise the risks by being aware of them, they cannot be completely avoided.

Here are some of the issues that can have you looking for car bodywork repairs.

Car cleaning

Yes, it is possible to cause these problems yourself when you are washing your car. People sometimes try to wash cars using detergent cleaners they have found under the sink, only for these to strip away the sealant that protects the paintwork.

An even more common problem is for bits of hard grit on the cloth that you are using to wash the car to cause light scratches to the paint. Happily, this can easily be fixed by someone who knows about car scratch repair work.

Pebbles and stones

You do not actually need to come into contact with other drivers for them to cause dents in your car. Driving often leads to debris on the roads, such as loose pebbles or stones, flying up and hitting your car.

The dents that are created by this are tiny and round-shaped. You are most likely to get them on the side panels of the car, or its bonnet or bumper.

Although small, they look unsightly and will cut the amount of money you can get by selling your car if you do not get a repair firm to deal with them.

The weather

You will be surprised at how much damage the weather can do to your car. For example, in the winter, a bout of hailstones can cause a lot of small dents to appear in its bodywork. In that situation, you want a professional who offers mobile car scratch repairs to take a look at the problem.

Equally the salt found in rainwater can lead to stains on the paintwork, but the summer can be just as much of a problem.

Long periods of intense sunlight will lead to the paint colour fading, leaving your car looking worn. You can at least reduce some of the weather risks by covering your car as much as possible when not driving it.

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