Why you should hire a professional for your car dent and scratch repairs

Car dent and scratch repairs seem relatively easy and straightforward to fix. Whilst at-home repair kits do exist, there’s nothing to stop you from worsening the problem or causing harm to yourself.

Here are four reasons why I recommend hiring a professional for car dents and scratches.

Prevent against further damage

Although at-home repair kits will provide you with baseline equipment and instructions, they’re not overly comprehensive. Incorrect force or pressure that is applied when performing your own car dent repair can lead to bigger issues, such as the dent expanding or damaging an internal structure.

Just because car bodywork repairs are usually a result of small accidents or fender benders, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t further damage beyond the scratch or dent.

Without specialist knowledge and certification, you will not be able to detect whether your vehicle is suffering from further internal damage. This could lead to irreparable damage when driving that requires more attention and money. A professional can check for any engine or wheel issues to prevent this.

Satisfaction guaranteed

Professionals know what they’re doing and can provide a warranty on repairs, which gives you extra peace of mind compared to DIY methods.

First, a technician will clean and inspect the affected area and rate the level of damage. They will then decide upon the correct method to use and get started on repairing your dent or scratch.

There is also a lot of specialist equipment and techniques involved in mobile car scratch repairs that only an expert technician can handle correctly. From hammers and dollies to stud welders and dent pullers, it’s best to leave it to the professionals.

Save money

Many people opt for DIY repair kits because, on a surface level, they can be cheaper than professional help. However, these kits lack effectiveness and are not guaranteed to provide the correct equipment for your specific dent or scratch.

You could end up having to buy multiple DIY kits – wasting valuable time and money – or causing further damage that will require even more expenses.

A specialist technician will always have the correct tools on hand to fix any issue, and their level of expertise ensures that the job is done efficiently the first time around.


Auto-body technicians have a thorough understanding of all matters pertaining to car bodywork repairs. By attempting to perform repairs yourself, you run the risk of injury.

At-home repairs, more often than not, result in improper methods with insufficient tools. What’s more, the correct tools are often heavy and need to be expertly applied.

Not only do qualified technicians have the correct protective equipment, but they also know which tool is appropriate to use and can avoid using tools that will do more harm than good to themselves and your vehicle.

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