How dents and scratches can impact the resale value of your car

If you’re thinking about selling your car, or you want to make sure that it holds its value, you need to pay attention to dents and scratches and get them fixed as quickly as possible. When your car has scratches, scuffs, or even some chips and dents, it can have a big impact on the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle. Even minor blemishes can send its re-sale value in the wrong direction!

Using a professional car dent repair service could turn out to be money well spent as it instils pride and ensures that your car looks great. It could also make all the difference when it comes to achieving the price you want when you come to sell.

Here is a look at the impact dents and scratches can have on the value of your car, and why keeping up to date with your car bodywork repairs is a smart move to retain its value as best as possible.

Making the grade

Let’s take a look at how a professional appraiser will grade your car if you decide to get a valuation.

The standard appraisal system tends to work by giving your vehicle an overall rating (there are four categories). Once the appraiser has assessed the interior and exterior of your vehicle, it will be graded as either excellent, good, fair, or in poor condition.

Achieving an excellent grade is a difficult task and is usually reserved for cars that don’t get driven often or are housed in a garage most of the time. The reality is that the vast majority of cars achieve a rating of fair.

The difference between fair and good can often boil down to a few paint scratches or chips. You may think they are fairly minor, but they can bring your grading and valuation down.

What sort of damage needs immediate attention?

There are a few different types of scratches, and not all require immediate attention. A typical minor scratch would be a so-called swirl. Hand washing can cause these paint swirls, which are caused by small bits of grit in the cloth you are using. While immediate attention is not required, trying to fix the problem yourself could make it worse and further damage the paintwork.

If the scratch is deep enough where you can see bare metal, it is likely that only professional attention will be able to resolve the issue. True scratch removal is a lengthy process, including filling in, sanding, buffing, and painting over the scratch using an accurate colour swatch. Trusting a professional to fix a scratch before it gets worse is an investment in the sale value of your car.

Trying to fix small dents is also a risky idea, as you could easily cause greater damage in the process. You might be able to fix a shallow or small dent yourself, but anything that is more than superficial should really be looked at by a professional. Trying to fix a dent yourself could result in greater damage being caused, as the rest of the bodywork responds to any pressure applied. This could negatively impact the sale value, as rarely do people want to buy a damaged vehicle.

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